Transmission is at the heart of our concerns. It is not a career, or a work of life. It is a question of passing for several decades the legacy of a few centuries of construction. To do this we must train the next generation in a mixture of tradition and necessary adaptation to changes.

The values that guided our ancestors remain intact, true to our region, to our coat of arms.
Work and courage are cardinal values. We are on the ground, in our vineyards, in our cellars, pouring at wine fairs and we do not delegate any decisions concerning the quality of the wines.

And if we go looking for a bottle in the cellar, it's for the pleasure of sharing the magic of an appellation, a vintage. Wine is the reflection of our soul as a winegrower. Moreover, the emotions revealed by the complexity of the wine have often inspired artists and philosophers of all times.

"Only in the vegetable kingdom the vine makes us intelligible what the true flavor of the world is."
- Colette