In the vineyard and cellar we are traditionalists although in our free time we are travelers, exploring innovation, and expanding our knowledge. We believe that our experiences enrich our craft. The Domaine Gille Wine Club is an extension of the open mind of the estate, enabling us to reach enthusiasts in distant corners of the world. We invite you to celebrate the excellence of Burgundy.


Bringing home true Burgndy has been a costly feat for even well informed and connected connesseuirs. Direct-to-Consumer wine sales channels have been traditionaly reserved for domestic markets. We have worked closely with partners to create an international Direct-to-Consumer channel. This allows us to send you authentic, artisan, Burgundy at a significantly lower cost than you will find at your local wineshop.   


We invite you to uncork new vintages with us and are pleased to bring you Burgundy whether you are a friend in Paris or 10,000 miles away!