The most important and tricky decision for us is the vintage date. This is the start of a great adventure gathering 40 people.
Each year the yeasts, the phenolic balance of the grapes are different. This is the magic of Pinot Noir. That is to reveal the full potential of the grape by a natural fermentation. At this time of year the doubt and the stress are abundant, sleep rare.

Then in a quieter way and always without input, the wines receive the same attention during their aging in oak barrels.

 It is then imperative to choose the assortment of barrels for each appellation carefully. The origin of the woods, the toast, but also the style of the cooperage, are all parameters to be taken into consideration.

Finally, the bottling is sometimes preceded by a clarification or a filtration. Measurement is required. Indeed, at this stage the wine can embellish a superb dress... as it can see its aromas completely extinguish. You will understand that at this stage, after a year of cultivation, and eighteen months of cellar, we must not be mistaken.